Every child
deserves an equal
opportunity in life.

Our mission is straightforward:

Project Help believes every child deserves an equal opportunity in life. To be given a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

​A child exposed to violence and crime may later resolve conflict in a violent manner and may become desensitized to it. Parents and caregivers can help a child learn to live a healthy life, thereby reducing the effects that crime and violence can have on a school-age child.

​Children are most vulnerable and when effected by crime, we want to intervene and ensure their unique needs are met and their voices are heard.


Our aim is to deliver lasting aid for thousands of children, including those hardest to reach. To escape their dire socio-economic environments and create a successful future.

R1.00 of every successful collection from a Project Help membership will go towards MY PROJECT HELP. That’s why we take our responsibility as stewards of your contributions very seriously. We will ensure that every contribution made will make a difference and reach a vast number of children in need.


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